SINM 2020 Schedule

ET CET Speaker Title
8:00 14:00 Organizers Welcome
8:05 14:05 Danai Koutra INVITED: Representation Learning Beyond Homophily and Proximity
8:30 14:30 Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye INVITED: Is it Proportional? Estimating the detrimental network effects of data collections
8:55 14:55 Kiran Tomlinson, Austin Benson Learning Context   Effects in Triadic Closure
9:07 15:07 Xiaoyi Yang, Nynke Niezink, Rebecca Nugent Learning a social network from text data
9:20 15:20 CENTRAL BREAK (15:20-15:40 is fixed by the organizers)
9:40 15:40 David Gleich INVITED: Flow-based Algorithms for Improving Clusters
10:05 16:05 Rose Yu INVITED: Understanding Graph Neural Networks in Learning Network Topology and Dynamics
10:30 16:30 George Cantwell, Guillaume St-Onge, Jean-Gabriel Young Temporal inference for growing trees
10:42 16:42 Makan Arastuie, Subhadeep Paul, Kevin Xu Scalable and Consistent Estimation in Continuous-time Networks of   Relational Events
10:55 16:55 9-minute coffee break
11:04 17:04 Jesus Arroyo, Daniel Sussman, Carey Priebe, Vince Lyzinski Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Graph Matching in Errorfully Observed   Networks
11:16 17:16 Amir Ghasemian, Minzhengxiong Zhang, Edoardo Airoldi Model-assisted design of experiments in presence of homophily and   interference
11:29 17:29 Jonas Jull, Johan   Ugander Harder, better, faster, stronger cascades – or simply larger?
11:41 17:41 Bruno Messias Farias   de Resende, Luciano da Fontoura Costa Characterization and comparison of large directed networks through the   spectra of the magnetic Laplacian
11:54 17:54 Benjamin Wild, Tim Landgraf Circadian rhythms in social networks
12:06 18:06 5-minute break
12:11 18:11 Caterina De Bacco INVITED: Interdependence Between Network Layers
12:36 18:36 Discussion PANEL
12:54 18:54 Organizers Closing