SINM 2023 Schedule

Time Speaker Title Talk Type
9:00   Welcome  
9:10 Leto Peel Statistical Inference Links Data and Theory in Network Science Invited
9:50 Vince Lyzinski Lost in the Shuffle: Testing Power in the Presence of Errorful Network Vertex Labels Invited
10:30   Coffee  
11:00 Marion Hoffman Modeling Partitions Of Individuals Invited
11:40 Till A Hoffmann Latent Space Approaches to Aggregate Relational Data Flash ⚡
11:50 Sahil Loomba and Johannes Happenhofer Inferring Socio-physical Networks and Social Gini Indices From Aggregated Data Contributed
12:10 Luis Rocha Redundancy in the Causal Logic of Interactions Shapes the Dynamics of Social Biochemical Networks Contributed
12:30   Lunch  
14:00 Marianna Pensky Clustering of Diverse Multiplex Networks Invited
14:40 Samin Aref Heuristic Modularity Maximization Algorithms for Network Clustering Rarely Return an Optimal Partition or Anything Similar Flash ⚡
14:50 Maximilian Jerdee Normalized Mutual Information for Classification and Community Detection Contributed
15:10 Anatol Wegner Non-parametric Inference of Link Communities Contributed
15:30   Coffee  
16:00 Kiran Tomlinson Choice in Networks Invited
16:40 Louis Boucherie Adaptive Cut Reveals Multiscale Complexity In Networks Contributed
17:00 All invited speakers Panel